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About Our Collaborators

Every brand and their products bring something new to the table and help elevate the spaces we design! Here is a brief of the brands we have collaborated with for their products in our store.

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Created by Anirudh Rapole, Artriso is a creative brand launched in 2020 and is based out of Hyderabad, India. Artriso products are intended to be unique and functional, drawing inspiration from natural elements like agates, crystals, flowers amongst others.

All Art displayed are handcrafted with a lot of soul. Explore our beautiful range of concrete planters and more and find what you were looking for.

At Artriso we also believe in sharing knowledge. You will find a multitude of online courses and curated art kits on the website to quench your artistic thirst.

Bring home your own Artriso.

Handcrafted Luxury.

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Founded in 2020 in Prayagraj, Rugosa is an organic-driven and sustainable-based venture. We offer luxury, indoor plants that would not only meet your aesthetic needs but also have rare benefits attached to them.  


At Rugosa, we replace the conventional plastic pot by using pots made out of coconut fiber. These pots employ a technology called air pruning which enables the roots of the plants to grow freely due to the availability of numerous hole outlets provided by the coconut fiber. Along with the plant, we also provide a hand-woven jute cover and a tray to be placed under the pot to help hold the excess water, if any. You can also customize these additional garden accessories, as per your own requirements.

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Radhika Ringshia is a self taught resin and mixed media artist based in Mumbai. Her creative brand was launched in 2020 with the aim of providing unique and handcrafted home decor and artworks. She draws a lot of her inspiration from nature- oceans, agates, geodes, sunsets amongst others. Each art work is created with passion giving attention to details to enhance the beauty of the product. Explore her one of a kind, exclusive handmade products to suit your style. 


All products and artworks can be customised as per your requirement

Interested in collaborating with us?

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