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WellThenSo is a Goa based design studio that believes in transforming any space into an aesthetically functional experience zone.

An Initiative by Jannat Chopra 

providing InteriorDesign, FurnitureDesign , Architectural design  and execution services for residential, commercial and hospitality ventures. WTS's approach always remains in the best interest of the user, our vision is to make impactful designs in a reasonable budget. 

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WellThenSo was founded in 2019 by  Jannat Chopra , with Masters in Interior and Furniture design.
Her  problem-solving approach and attention to detail sets WTS apart. She has the knowledge and experience to see her work through to the highest standards. Every project is unique and WTS team takes pride in creating the ideal environment for each client. WellThenSo is proud to offer high quality design, construction, and project management services. We make every effort to ensure our work meets our clients’ needs and 95% of our business is either repeat or word-of-mouth.


Jannat Chopra

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